Apothecary Naturals Topical Cream - Lavender Scent - 120mL Jar

Apothecary Naturals Topical Cream - Lavender Scent - 120mL Jar

Apothecary Naturals Pain Relief-Roll On 88ml - NHP80094041

Apothecary Naturals Pain Relief-Roll On 88ml - NHP80094041

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I had a muscle pain in my left thigh that came and went over a few months but was a very persistent dull ache when it was there.  I had tried a few things like stretching and other muscle creams but nothing seemed to work.  My wife had brought home Apothecary Hemp Terpene Pain Cream so I thought I would try that out.  Putting it on just before bed, I found the pain lessened the next morning and after another application was completely gone the next morning after that!  I would gladly endorse its use as it really worked for me!

- David M.

We just wanted to reach out and thank you for the new pain gel sample, not sure if the lotion was all out or it did not make it into the order. Kelly has been using the new gel for the past few weeks and is very impressed with how much it has helped. She was sceptic to begin with but originally used it after targeted radiation therapy on her chest, there was a lot of pain and swelling from the radiation. She applied the gel and within a half hour the pain had subsided to the point that it was not noticeable. She has since used it on her knees to relieve pain and most recently for a burn on the hand caused by removing a pan from the oven. She burnt her 4 fingers bad enough for tears and Tylenol and could not get any rest. The blisters had not formed yet so she applied the gel and within 5-10 mins the pain was gone. The next day there was only minor blisters, perhaps the gel aided in that as well?

As for myself i find that using the original pain cream(lotion) was applied easier as a lotion on the hands and fingers.

- Henry

The joint cream has been great too for relieving any aches and pains on my really severe days in conjunction with the other products. 
I love your products and have started to recommend them to people I know that also struggle with pain and disorders that have made them dependent on narcotics for relief. Thank you for helping me over the phone and via email with any questions I've had and for helping me to select the products that would work best for me


- Susan

Your pain cream is legit! Instantly soothes my cramps, It's crazy.

- Serena

I have severe arthritis in my hands, I tried Apothecary's topical cream, within 15 minutes, I was pain-free. It is amazing, even my doctor cannot believe the difference.

-  John

The final product that I would like to comment on is the infused Cream. When I first applied some to my right temple area, which sometimes feels as though the vein is going to explode, it took a few minutes and the pain subsided, and then disappeared. To say that I want to bathe in this stuff would be an understatement. It is an amazing substance. Smooth, creamy, absorbs without feeling greasy (which is fantastic), and the scent is not too strong (my cat might disagree … he wasn’t too fond of it, but that’s fine).

-  Peter

I have now gone through five bottles of Apothecary Naturals All Natural Pain Cream and am very satisfied with the relief I get. I was in a very bad accident with multiple injuries to my legs and foot. My foot has a lot of nerve damage as well as broken bones. The cream really helps with the nerve pain, the pain in general, and is very soothing. I also use it for muscle pain that I get in different areas of my legs, and to help with the healing of my scars. The cream dries relatively quickly, and the Citrus scented one I use is pleasing and not strong at all. 

I tried three other creams from different producers, and Apothecary Naturals has been by far the best.

-  Steve B.

I have used the Apothecary Naturals "Pain Cream- Hemp Terpene Infused" for several years, and always found it to be immediately effective in reducing pain or body injury to enable relaxed comfort or sleep. I most appreciate that it is immediately absorbed into the skin and not greasy. Although lightly scented with lavender and other essential oils it is not overpowering and does not smell medicinal like other pain relief products.

-  Sylvia

I also have rosacea which is an annoying condition (that physicians have no idea why it happens) of red splotches on my face that make me look sun or wind burnt. It comes in flare ups caused by different factors like stress, alcohol consumption, spicy foods and over exertion. I'm currently having a flare up and this morning decided to apply the tiniest amount to the spots on my cheeks, chin and forehead. It's now several hours later and the redness is visibly decreased and my skins feels calmer.

the next day--

I put another thin layer on the red spots on my cheeks, chin and forehead last night before I went to bed. By this morning, the spots are almost completely gone. The best part is that my skin feels so calm. It really is a wonderful product. Thanks!

-  Rose

Apothecary Naturals is life for me. I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder for YEARS. I tried sensory deprivation floats for therapeutic muscle relief, I went for massage every 2 weeks, physio and chiropractor 2 times per week, pain meds, ANYTHING I could do. This went on for years. It was costly and not effective. 

My bestie ordered your pain cream and the first time I tried it I was blown away.


I started ordering from an online store and after a month I regained range of motion in my arm. I have shared it with absolutely everyone I know with muscle pain. 


I have all my friends and family hooked. 


Everyone loves it. 

Thank you for making a truly great product.

- Nancy

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