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One of our founders grew up in Vienna, spending her days in her Grandmother’s Apothecary, watching her heal people with custom formulated tincture, healing herbs, and topicals. From that came an understanding of the power of the natural healing model that the body must be healed from both the inside and the out as a balance. Apothecary Naturals was created when like-minded individuals came together with the same passion for finding healthy alternatives to health products, through the use of the hemp plant and other natural ingredients. 


When science evolved to reveal the true purpose of hemp and its rich healing properties, it made sense to include it in our products. All Apothecary products are natural, Canadian grown, hemp-based products, and specifically formulated to offer the best results to our loyal customers. Our motto is Heal The Body - Soothe The Soul.

It is our hope and goal to help as many people as possible to understand the true value of using natural plants in our line. We strive to make the best topical products available to nourish your skin.


Our company is based on old-fashioned principles of integrity, quality, and value. You won't find any chemicals or hidden ingredients you can’t spell or pronounce and we strive to be organic as much as possible. We always continue to educate ourselves and are happy to pass that education onto our customers. 


Apothecary Naturals represents timeless quality - a throwback to the days when products were handcrafted by artisans who had a passion and love for their craft.  We take great pride in our products, from the ingredients to our packaging to our branding and we feel it shows.  

Handmade Artisanal Products Crafted the Old Fashioned Way


We do not outsource our work and we still do everything in small batches, by hand. For example, we follow a soap making tradition that has been handed down for generations and although there are many ways to cut corners to save money, we have always held firm to the belief that to make the best products you need to use the best ingredients. Our soaps may cost a little more but we are sure once you try them, you'll agree they are worth it. 

Many people are surprised to discover that choosing the right soap can help with many of the most common skin conditions associated with using commercially available soaps. Other soaps often contain harsh chemicals, additives, and other synthetic ingredients. Using our natural soaps may help with dry skin, oily skin, acne, sensitive/inflamed skin, eczema, psoriasis, and other irritating skin conditions by avoiding those additives.

Apothecary Naturals is natural!


There has always been some confusion about what natural means when it comes to products. Let us try and clear up the mystery and restate our commitment as an environmentally friendly, sustainable natural company. If an ingredient comes from or is a plant, vegetable, mineral or animal byproduct (e.g. honey or milk) then it is natural. Hence our company will use olive oil (from the fruit of an olive tree) and shea butter (a fat extracted from the shea nut) rather than a synthetic ingredient.

We also strive wherever possible to use organic ingredients in our products. To be an organic company takes a higher level of commitment (and cost) than to simply use natural products. Our customers should know that all of our fragrances are pure essential oils from plant extracts and terpenes**.  

**Terpenes definition - Terpenes and terpenoids are the primary constituents of the essential oils of many types of plants and flowers. Essential oils are used widely as fragrances in perfumery, skincare, and 

traditional medicine such as aromatherapy. Terpenes are aromatic chemicals produced by many plants, including hemp. They can also be found in cinnamon, resin, ginger, and even essential oils – like vanilla and lavender.  Broadly, in plants that are characterized by the intense, captivating aroma. 

Our colourants are derived from herbs and other natural sources (like fruit or vegetable extracts), and our preservatives are plant extracts. Our company does not use any synthetic fragrances, colourants, or preservatives in any of our handmade soaps. 

Natural Skin Care for Your Entire Family


We believe in natural skincare for your entire family. Our eco-friendly natural products do not contain harsh chemicals, animal fats or synthetic preservatives. We do not test our products on animals and our handmade line is vegetarian.


We create our one-of-a-kind handmade products with care and love using the finest ingredients available. We use earth-friendly ingredients like goats milk, hemp seed oil, olive oil, shea, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil. Our natural exfoliates include lemon peel, ground coffee, and calendula petals and more.


Indulge Yourself and Make Every Day a Spa Day
Now, you can make every day a spa day, inviting exotic scents and vibrant colours into your daily routine for a refreshing clean you won’t ever forget.
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